Are you in the market for a whole-home air purification system? If so, you may be wondering how to prepare for a Reme Halo installation in Edina, MN. In this blog post, we’ll provide some tips on how to make your home ready for the installation of a Reme Halo system. Keep reading to learn more!

1. First, clear the area above your furnace. You’ll need to make sure there is adequate space for the Reme Halo unit to be installed and to ensure proper airflow from your HVAC system.

2. Next, check that your furnace filter has been recently replaced. A dirty filter can impede the performance of your new Reme Halo system and should be changed at least every 6 months or as recommended by your HVAC service provider.

3. Determine where you would like the control panel for your Reme Halo system to be located, as this will need to be accessible after installation. It’s best to place it in a central location in the home so that it’s easy to access when making any adjustments or maintenance to your unit.

4. Finally, make sure that you have all the necessary information on hand when scheduling an installation appointment with an experienced technician. This includes the dimensions of each room in which you want to install the system, as well as any other information about your home’s HVAC system that the technician may need to know.

By following these tips and preparing your home for the installation of Reme Halo or furnace repair in Edina, MN, you can ensure that everything goes smoothly and your new air purification system is installed correctly and quickly.

If you are still unsure about how best to prepare for your installation appointment or have any further questions about air purifiers near Edina, MN, please reach out to the Blue Yeti Services team at 952-222-8202. We are here to help!