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Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Services In Hopkins, MN!

If you’re looking for a plumber, heating, and air conditioning company to handle your commercial or residential needs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options.

At Blue Yeti Services, we take care of all our customers’ plumbing problems with the highest level of professionalism. We believe that every job is an opportunity to earn a customer for life. Our team will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with our workmanship.

Whether it’s a broken pipe or leaky faucet, we can help! Our first-rate services in Hopkins, MN include but aren’t limited to water fixing leaky pipes, heater repair/replacement, AC repair and replacement, furnace repair and replacement and more!

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Plumbing Services In Hopkins, MN

Are you experiencing a problem with your water heater? Here at Blue Yeti Services, we understand what a major inconvenience it can be. No hot showers and issues doing laundry and dishes. That’s why our water heater repair company in Hopkins, MN is available around the clock to help you get rid of those problems as soon as possible.

Here is the list of our plumbing services:

In addition to providing numerous plumbing services to assist customers with their needs, we also assist our clients with gas line installation and modification. If you’re interested in adding a gas line to your home, you should speak with one of the leading gas line installation company in Hopkins, MN – Blue Yeti Services.

Air Conditioning Services In Hopkins, MN

Some summer days can be brutal in Hopkins, MN. When the temperature rises above 90 degrees, you’ll want to have made sure you’ve done proper air conditioning service for your Hopkins, MN home. You don’t want to spend all day running from room to room with a window fan or air conditioner unit trying to get your house cooled down before bedtime.

Some major causes of air conditioning repair in Hopkins, MN are:

When you call our contractors, we’ll perform a thorough check of your system and fix it if needed. We have the proper tools and knowledge to diagnose your issue and won’t automatically recommend replacement as many companies in the metro do.

We offer AC services such as:

We offer flat rate pricing on many projects, but we’re happy to come to your home to provide a custom estimate. So if you’re someone currently looking for a better price on a new cooling system or searching for air conditioning installation near me or in Hopkins, MN then give us a call today.

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Professional Team, Exceptional HVAC Service!

Finding a good HVAC company can be hard. Some companies charge crazy rates or others try to be the lowest cost but don’t provide quality installation or customer service. If your AC unit breaks down in the middle of summer, go with someone who will diagnose it quickly, fix it fast and use high-quality parts. Don’t wait for days while using fans and air conditioning units – give us a call and we’ll troubleshoot and provide a price to fix.

Our team is made up of professionals who have years of experience in the HVAC industry. Our prices include all labor costs and parts and supplies with no hidden fees. We provide a price before moving forward with work and strive for clear communication and expectations so we can build a lasting relationship with our customers.

At Blue Yeti Services, we can provide phone estimates for some projects and will come out to your Hopkins, MN home or business if we need to see your project before providing a price. Call us today and we can get your problem fixed in no time 952-222-8202!